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FIREXIT® Brand is the only formula of it's kind in wire and cable industry, Rolling Prairie, IN

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Proven testing and performance design are making FIREXIT® compounds the ultimate jacketing and insulation materials for plenum, riser and tray cable manufacturing applications.


“Without a doubt, we believe FIREXIT® compounds are the safest products available for cable designers and installers currently in the market for top of the line safety, lowest smoke, and competitively priced cable compounds.”

Jack O’Donnell, OTECH Corp. President


With exceptional processability in standard extrusion equipment used for PVC, FIREXIT® compounds are quality performance and improved-­‐cost alternatives to some fluoropolymers. Innovative formulations include: lead and bromine free solutions; enhanced low smoke, fire-­‐resistant materials optimized for use as optical fiber buffer compounds, thin wall insulation and jackets. These formulations can be customized to be sunlight resistant.

“We want to help improve the safety of any building where wire and cable is concerned,” adds O’Donnell. “When creating FIREXIT we made safety the top criteria – it’s not just about passing a safety test to us.” As an innovative compound technology manufacturer, “We continually look for ways to improve the market and we realized these ‘enhanced low smoke’ compounds just weren’t available, so we created them,” says Jason Page, Vice President of Operations at OTECH Corp.

The newly needed compounds were created as a result of OTECH’s continual commitment to innovation and the company’s mission to develop the undevelopable for the wire and cable industry.

True to OTECH’s name, each newly developed compound is tested and re-­‐tested to ensure that these each meet our company’s stringent requirements.


About OTECH Corporation

OTECH Corporation develops, designs and custom manufactures high-quality specialty PVC compounds, thermoplastic elastomers and alloys used in electrical wire and cable, footwear, housewares, roofing, agricultural applications and automotive components among many others. Known for its customized product approach, strong development capability, personalized technical services, and customer responsiveness, OTECH boasts more than 100 UL-approved products including highly specialized flame retardant compounds, low-temperature compounds, and thermoplastic elastomer compounds. All of OTECH's products are manufactured in its 250,000 sq. ft. facility in Rolling Prairie, Indiana. For more information, visit otech1.wpenginepowered.com or phone 219.778.8001.


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