Custom Compounding

The precise material you need for the job

We offer PVC, flame retardant/smoke suppressed PVC,
PVC/TPU, PVC/Elvaloys, clear PVC, and TPOs

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You might be a startup with an idea. Or a 9-figure business ready to go to market.
Either way challenge us to make your product a reality.

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Product Development

The properties of a compound are only numbers on a Technical Data Sheet and don’t mean much if a product can’t run in your equipment and meet all the compliance and regulatory requirements.

Product development at OTECH is about speed, accuracy and quality all driven by our customer’s specific need.

We have a full product development laboratory with all of the required testing equipment to take a compound from concept to pellets much more quickly than industry standard.

Every order is manufactured on one of our specially designed production lines depending on polymer type, order size, and pellet cut configuration.

compounds re-engineering

OTECH has been a leader in re-engineering compounds to lower cost, by weight, processing speed and through several supply chain solutions that just aren’t readily available in the industry.

Our re-engineering process saves you money and time while still upholding our quality and consistency. So far, we've helped our client's save over:

$ 50,000,000

We love helping our customers innovate and can lead an effort or support your initiative.

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