OTECH Corporation successfully developed a material that meets the exacting specifications for the wind power industry. Using our onsite modern laboratory, we engineered a product to meet the demanding low-temperature, cold-impact, high-temperature, flame-retardance, and gas requirements and gained approval for a wind turbine jacketing compound for the power and control cables used in windmills across the United States. OTECH succeeded in this specialty market where other companies failed.

OTECH specialty wire and cable compounds feature low smoke properties, superior flame retardance and smoke suppression, low temperature flexibility, abrasion, resistance to chemicals, and are available in both UL and non-UL grades. Our engineering grade zero-halogen low-smoke compounds and thermoplastics elastomers are meeting and exceeding the most demanding requirements for new wire and cable applications, while providing the most desirable performance characteristics at a cost that’s more affordable.

Our specialty footwear compounds meet all your soling needs. They range from the most cost-effective materials to more advanced products offering superior cold-weather performance, and resistance to abrasion and chemicals. OTECH’s unique specialty expanded PVC and PVC alloy compounds have the look and feel of rubber and offer outstanding overall performance. Our SBS and SEBS rubber compounds are lightweight and offer exceptional performance in cold-weather environments.

OTECH’s diversified product line allows us to meet your ongoing needs for consistent, competitively priced extrusion compounds. We are continuously introducing new technologies to enhance your product line. Our commitment to research and development ensures our ability to provide innovative materials such as TPEs, TPOs, TPVs, TPRs, and SEBs to the profile industry to meet exact product demands.

OTECH has developed a product line of specialty Calendering compounds designed for a variety of end uses. We offer PVC, Flame retardant PVC, Smoke suppressed PVC, PVC Urethanes, PVC Elvaloys, Clear PVC, and TPO’s for the multi-layer roofing, flooring, Carpet runner, and clear curtain applications. These product exhibit exceptional flow characteristics insuring even flow for extrusion with dies up to 120 inches in width. Otech’s products are used in single layer, multi-layer and fabric coated applications.

OTECH’s specialty PVC and TPR molding compounds are designed for a wide variety of molding applications. Specialty PVC elastomers, alloys, and TPEs offer alternative materials for “engineered” applications. OTECH molding compounds offer excellent processability for even the most complex shapes and exacting applications.


OTECH’s medical grade PVC compounds are the emerging choice in the regulated market for formulations engineered for clear tubing, injection molded parts and film applications. All of OTECH’s medical grade compounds are designed and produced for superior clarity, thermal stability and processability in its state-of-the-art segregated medical grade compounding facility.