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OTECH develops, designs, and custom manufactures high-quality specialty PVC compounds, thermoplastic elastomers, and alloys for the electrical wire and cable industry. OTECH provides superior quality, industry-compliant products at competitive prices, and with unmatched service.

Our engineering grade low-smoke zero-halogen wire and cable compounds and thermoplastics elastomers meet and exceed the most demanding requirements for new wire and cable applications.

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    138 Thermo Plastic Elastomer
    Additional Wire & Cable Compounds


    The Marquis of OTECH Compounds

    The 138 is a long-standing OTECH proprietary technology that has been re-imagined into the emerging wind-power cable application.

    The wind turbine industry showcases the performance characteristics better than any other application of The 138.

    Electricity generated by wind turbines travels down large cables from the nacelle, though the tower,
    and into an underground cable providing a consistent flow of renewable energy during high and low temperatures, all thanks to OTECH’s innovative team of compounders.

    Some of the extreme specifications required are:

    • -40 °C Cold Impact (-55°C Brittle Point)
    • 105 °C
    • Oil RES I, II
    • FT-4 IEEE Flame Rated
    • Sunlight Resistance

    Through formulary excellence OTECH has been able to stretch the performance temperature range from 105 °C to -40 °C to cold impact

    Today there are several variations of The 138 tailored to meet specific extreme harsh environments and high performance customer needs.

    OTECH continues to dominate the wire market in areas where wire manufacturers need one compound which can reach extreme opposite properties, and still be affordable.

    OTECH has a wide product line of, and custom development capability for, flame and smoke suppressed wire & cable compounds to meet the entire flame-retardant hierarchy of wire constructions. OTECH’s compounds satisfy all the requirements across the entire hierarchy of wire constructions, from vw1 to tray cable to plenum compounds.

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    OTECH has developed a no liquid, plenum formula to stop plasticizer migration in patch cord, data centers. The no-liquid design is to ensure that the heat in the data centers does not drive plasticizer migration from the planum cables, leaving residual plasticizer on the cables, and thus interfering with signal transmission.

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    OTECH is developing a complete line of proposition 65 compliant wire and cable compounds, using flame retardants that are all prop 65 compliant.

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