New Non-Vinyl, Flexible Compound Options-Footwear

OTECH has a number of non-vinyl options for footwear
applications have been developed and feature some very
unique properties. The property enhancements from these
OTECH compounds for shoe and boot designs, improve
wear, surface appearance, weight and chemical resistance.
OTECH has several SBS and SEBS compounds being used
in casual footwear applications including rainboots, utility
boots and clogs. These compounds are a light-weight
option that may replace some PVC applications.


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    Non-vinyl, Flexible Boot Designs

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    Boot image
    Boot image

    OTECH has a new line of Cross-Linked, Expanded EVA compounds that are being sold into sandal, soling and boot applications. These compounded products offer the benefits of very light weights, with finished specific gravities as low as 0.3 post expansion, as well as superior wear and abrasion. OTECH also makes other cross-linked thermoplastic olefins that exhibit superior wear properties, slip resistance, and chemical resistance properties from the partial cross-linking of the finished products. Polyolefin elastomer compounds are also a growing option in other consumer goods applications.

    Sandal, Soling and Product Applications

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    Boot image
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