Ted Irvine


Ted Irvine

Who I work with

I spend most of my time working with international companies with revenues of $10M-$30B, helping them develop products with plastic compounds. I also work with entrepreneurial startups looking to bring their ideas and products to market. I collaborate with c-level executives, senior product developers, engineers, and senior supply chain executives.

What is my specialty

I’m laser-focused on developing the undevelopable. Solutions that I procur, are one-off and customized in every way for every customer. I collaborate with a skilled team of experts in the plastics compounding field to make product developers’ dreams come true. This experience affords me a unique perspective and ability to see things that others don’t — unique vision and opportunities for productivity. Most importantly, I’m adept at anticipating my clients’ needs.


Some unique things about me

As an entrepreneur, I enjoyed the process of building a companies and teams from scratch. I’ve started and owned 3 companies. I’ve built and managed departments of sales executives, marketers, and engineers. I’ve worked in plastics (distribution, color, compounding), healthcare, government/economic development, textile, and high end interior design industries. My career at Otech has opened up my portfolio to include businesses in just about every vertical.

What I do when I’m not at work

I love to spend time with my family and friends and if that can involve golf, I’m all for it! I also enjoy boating and fishing, sports (go Hawkeyes & Cubs!), live-music, and community involvement in my home town of Des Moines, Iowa.


People say I am…

“Loyal, Supportive, and Collaborative”