Jason Page



Who I work with

I spend my time developing groundbreaking products and solutions for international companies with revenues of $10M-30B. I also work with entrepreneurial startups looking to bring big ideas and products to markets. I collaborate with a team of engineers, lab professionals, manufacturers, and senior supply chain executives to create tremendous products.

What is my specialty

I make product developers dreams come true with innovative solutions and thoughtful design. With 25+ years in the plastic compounds industry, I’ve managed teams and designed products from wind turbines all the way to pencils created from recycled rubber from automobile tires. I have a unique vision with vast experience in the plastics industry and can easily adapt to client needs.


Some unique things about me

I’ve been in the plastics and manufacturing business my entire professional career. Starting as a quality control technician in my early years, now working as a VP, I know a thing or two about the plastics industry. My 19 year long career at OTECH has allowed me to work with a wide variety of clients in just about every vertical.

What I do when I’m not at work

I love the New York Yankees, listening to music new and old, and I do enjoy nice vodka cocktail (only wheat, please).


People say I am…

“Loyal, Supportive, and Collaborative”