Jack O’Donnell

President & CEO


Who I work with

Our customers describe us as the people dedicated to delivering the solutions for their material/compounding needs.

What is my specialty

With 40 years of experience in compounding flexible polymers like PVC and TPEs, I started OTECH Compounds in 1999 to develop and deliver superior quality, customer service, and innovation to meet our client’s exacting technical standards. To me, this isn’t aspirational; it’s the minimum requirement.


Some unique things about me

OTECH Corporation is a leader in thermoplastic compounding and is one of the largest vinyl compounders in the Midwest. I’m passionate about OTECH Compounds being the number one compounder globally, ensuring our employees are successful and proud of the work they do, and, personally, serving my family and community. I approach all issues with empathy and create positive change for good.

What I do when I’m not at work

I love to spend time with my family and friends, and serving my community. To learn more, connect with me, or visit otechcompounds.com to learn more.


People say I am…

“Loyal, Supportive, and Collaborative”