the marquis of OTECH compounds

The 138 is a long-standing OTECH proprietary technology that has been re-imagined into the emerging wind-power cable application.

The wind turbine industry showcases the performance characteristics better than any other application of The 138.

Electricity generated by wind turbines travels down large cables from the nacelle, though the tower, and into an underground cable providing a consistent flow of renewable energy during  high and low temperatures, all thanks to OTECH’s innovative team of compounders.

Some of the extreme specifications required are:

  • -40 °C Cold Impact (-55°C Brittle Point)
  • 105 °C
  • Oil  RES I, II
  • FT-4 IEEE Flame Rated
  • Sunlight Resistance

Through formulary excellence OTECH has been able to stretch the performance temperature range from 105 °C to -40 °C  to cold impact

Today there are several variations of The 138 tailored to meet specific extreme harsh environments and high performance customer needs.

OTECH continues to dominate the wire market in areas where wire manufacturers need one compound which can reach extreme opposite properties, and still be affordable.