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The Wire Journal Featured Article

September Issue, 2013

At OTECH Corporation we are proactive to our customers’ needs – and we do it fast – because our customers’ expect it. Regulatory requirements are changing all the time, and we have to be ready in advance of them with new innovations to keep our customers on the cutting-edge of their wire and cable developments.

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We know we will see other regulations besides REACH, RoHS and WEEE down the pike. Even now, we are receiving more requests from clients for reduced-smoke/ limited smoke (LS) compounds for riser and CM-rated products when in the past we only saw them requested for plenum-rated products. The same goes for zero-halogen. Product engineers are coming to us for non-halogen materials that meet or exceed smoke and flame properties of halogenated products on the market. Through innovative development our team has found ways to deliver these new products and we are committed and continuing to do so.


These renewed compliance initiatives – and those that will follow – allow us to continue to set the standard for new compound solutions in the marketplace, now and in the future. We are prepared for whatever lies ahead because we have to be. Jack O’Donnell, CEO, OTECH Corporation.


Anticipating what’s ahead is a challenge, and we’ve done well staying ahead of the curve.


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Jack O’Donnell, CEO of OTECH Corp. with Jason Page, vice president of operations and Mark Kuchuris, specialty compounds sales.

Everyone out there is trying to build a better mousetrap, especially with the continuing attacks on PVC, Phthalates, and Flame Retardants. Our clients are not only looking for top of the line compounds, they are also looking for compounds that are compliant to today’s regulations while still requiring them to meet or exceed the same performance criteria. These new challenges often leave a vacuum where no compound exists… as of yet. OTECH has put its resources to work to find new technologies in raw materials, coupled with innovative formulating to meet the needs of the Wire and Cable industry.


We’re inventing and re-inventing all the time at OTECH. It’s all about working smart – and keeping your current clients happy. We often hear from clients: “we can’t get a product to meet a certain specification.” At OTECH we don’t see it as a problem, it’s more like that’s when the fun begins.
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