Thermoplastic Compounding for Footwear


Our specialty thermoplastic rubber footwear compounds meet all your needs, from the most cost-effective materials to products offering superior cold-weather performance, and resistance to abrasion and chemicals. OTECH’s specialty expanded PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PVC alloy compounds have the look and feel of rubber and offer outstanding overall performance. Our SBS (sofprene) and SEBS (laprene) thermoplastic rubber compounds are lightweight and offer exceptional performance in cold weather.


OTECH Corporation developed a new footwear compound for the poultry and beef processing industries. This development extends the life of boots exposed to harsh environments. OTECH’s PVC Alloy compound lasted on average 30% longer than the competitions’ rubber footwear compounds. By extending the life of your footwear, you save money!

Our polythermal compounds can be designed to meet the specifications of any industry. Contact OTECH Corporation today to discuss the specific qualities of our thermoplastic rubber footwear compounds or to learn more about our contributions to technological advancements in the field of specialty polymers.

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